In the first part of this series, we looked into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its massive impact on today’s modern world. Beyond software testing and development, AI can be used in IT in a myriad of ways that help businesses and consumers live and work efficiently. Read on to learn more.

Using AI for Service Management

AI and machine intelligence are used in service management. AI for service management enables enterprises to make better use of their resources, resulting in faster and less expensive delivery. Machine learning capabilities of AI will enable IT businesses to create a self-resolving service desk that analyzes user input data and recommends solutions. To improve service management, AI will analyze customer behavior, provide recommendations, and give self-service. As a result, AI will improve user self-service.

AI can also be used to create Computer Vision (CV) technology, which uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to automate visual comprehension from a series of photographs, PDFs, videos, and text images. CV simulates human vision more accurately and fast.

AI will assess service desk inquiries using machine learning and deep learning. The AI will recognize all concurrent requests, compare new ones to those that have already been resolved, and comprehend instantly based on existing knowledge. The requests will be considered.

As a powerful business tool, AI may help IT workers improve their operational procedures by taking a more strategic approach. The AI system can monitor and analyze user actions while also recommending process optimization and business strategy.

Using AI in IT Infrastructure (AIOps)

AI for IT operations manages IT by using AI across multiple platforms. Machine learning and massive data sets power AIOps. These automate the processing of historical and online data as well as decision-making. AIOps should provide continuous analysis and make it easier to maintain and upgrade IT infrastructure. AIOps will incorporate performance management, service management, and automation to improve information systems.

AIOps has gained popularity for a variety of reasons. Examples include the volume of the data collection system, the quantity of information sources, and the change rate of the regulated system. As a result, keeping track of all these systems and effectively addressing problems becomes increasingly challenging for specialists and professionals.

Using AI for Business Automation

The most significant advantage of AI in IT is automation. The use of AI in almost every industrial process allows for the automation of a significant percentage of labor. Deep learning technology will enable IT departments to automate a wide range of operational tasks, lowering costs and labor. Furthermore, AI systems improve through learning from the past.

Soon, software development will be managed and directed by a system that can comprehend the vast majority of coding intents. In real-time, the systems will automatically rectify any errors and inconsistencies in the code. AI will automate enterprise network administration. Network fingerprint patterns will be recognized using AI technologies. IT businesses can boost their AI applications in many areas by automating. Simply said, AI will assist in the management of computer systems, and hence all computing.

Using AI for Fraud Prevention

Businesses can detect fraud more easily because of advances in technology. This, however, has resulted in an increase in cybercriminal fraud practices. The bulk of organizations will require a multilayered fraud detection strategy that includes statistical data analysis and artificial intelligence. AI methods are used to detect fraud. Humans cannot process massive volumes of data as quickly as machine learning.

It may also improve over time. By studying past data in similar cases, machine learning algorithms can detect fraudulent behavior. The data will be used by the IT department to combat fraudsters and improve future preventative measures.


As we can see, AI is becoming more prevalent in the IT business. This technology, with its Machine Learning and Deep Learning capabilities, is making a range of industries more efficient, effective, and task-focused. Thus, industries all over the world are seeing the need to integrate AI technology into their systems and processes.

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