LinkedIn enhances a person's professional networking and career development opportunities. The platform allows the user to post their resume or thoughts while searching for potential employees or mentors. Therefore, it promotes interactions between professionals from diverse parts of the world.

Linkedin Made Simple

A step by step approach 

“I hate networking.”

Whether you have a genuine interest in someone or you're looking to make new business contacts, it's never easy to know how to reach out.

You've probably been there before.

You look at the person's profile on LinkedIn, you notice that they're active, and they often comment on others' publications, but you don't know where to begin making contact.

We have all experienced moments when we dread networking— especially introverts.

Such people value traits like authenticity and closeness when creating bonds, which are often lost during networking. On the other hand, some people revel in the thought of social interaction— they are thrilled by the concept of forming new relationships.

What Does Networking Mean?

Networking refers to the process of interacting with other people to share information or create professional networks.

Therefore, regardless of your perception of networking, you need to create professional networks that increase your chances of getting a good job or gaining success in your business.

Other benefits of networking are such as career advancement, improving your professional status, and gaining knowledge from your mentors.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional networking sites.

The site unites diverse professionals from across the globe, enabling them to market their skills, sell their products, search for jobs, and look for employees the site supports the creation of any form of a professional network.

Steps to Reach Out to Someone on LinkedIn

While the LinkedIn platform is effective for networking, it can be nerve-wracking to approach a stranger to seek jobs or business opportunities.

Let's take a look at some tips on how to reach someone on LinkedIn by putting together a successful LinkedIn connection request to get the conversation started.

Follow the People you Admire

Whether you are looking for a new job, a mentor, or business opportunities, it is essential to first build a rapport with them. You should follow the said person, like their post, comment on their post— express interest in what they are sharing.

Craft Your Personalized Pitch

Most people tend to copy messages written by “experts” on different websites. Nonetheless, these messages fail to get any responses due to the following reasons:

· They are not authentic to the personal brand of the sender
· They do not resonate with recipients of various ranks

What makes a LinkedIn Message Compelling?

The Recipient- when reaching out to a potential boss, you should know that they are busy! Consequently, your message should be short, precise, and unique.

The message should also include why you thought to reach out to that particular recipient— express a thoughtful response to “why you are asking them for the job”?

There is no way to sugarcoat it: A vague message, like “I am interested in working for your company”, is likely to get no response.

While you should always employ courtesy and kindness, your message should also express what you want from the recipient.

Here is an example of a courteous yet precise message about professional mentorship:

Hi [Recipient’s Name], your professional journey inspired me. I look to build a career in {role}. Since you have extensive experience in this role, would you spare some time to advise me about my expected career journey? I would appreciate a call when your schedule opens up.

An Example of a Message from a Job Seeker:

Hi {Recipient’s Name}, I saw an advert about your company recruiting a {Role}. I have followed your conversations about this particular role, and I would like to get your thoughts on my resume and cover letter. I’m looking for clarification on whether my skill set fits this role. I’d love to have a brief call in the next week or two.

Therefore, you have to apply both persuasion and consideration— explain why you are contacting the person and recognize that you need a favours from them. You will enhance your chances of getting a response by including a referral, in case you have one.

LinkedIn has a section called Company Information that shows all necessary details about the company, including the available employment opportunities.

So, your message should be useful, not using questions like “Do you have any openings?”. Such questions express a lack of respect for the recipient’s time and expertise.

Common Mistakes People Make while Reaching Out to Someone on LinkedIn

Reaching out to a person you admire on LinkedIn is not enough! Your aim should be to get a response from the recipient. As such, avoid these common mistakes when contacting people on LinkedIn:

· Failing to express what you want; job, mentorship, relationship— Be precise!
· Putting one’s needs first
· Writing weak messages; insensitive and vague
· Using the wrong tone in your message
· Failing to employ adequate persuasion


Whether you are looking for a new job, to advance your career, a mentor, or business opportunities, LinkedIn is one of the best sites for Networking.

You can reach out to different professionals by employing the right tactics.

The main goal when reaching out to someone on LinkedIn is to ensure you get a response; by crafting a straightforward and transparent message — make certain it is courteous and sensitive based on knowledge about the recipient.

Ultimately, LinkedIn is an essential tool in your professional networking.

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